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ITS World Congress 2015

20 SMEs promoting their innovative ITS applications showcased on a 250 m² exhibition area: The European GNSSVillage. The SMEs have had the opportunity to present innovative EGNSS-based ITS solutions, which are expected to create global market opportunities.

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5 Local authorities and transport operators also came to share their experiences with ITS applications they have implemented.

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Business to Business networking sessions have been organized during ITS 2015 with the ambition of introducing European GNSS Village SME’s to the European and global strategic partners they need.

The European GNSS Village featured demonstrations of new services and applications:

  • European GNSS Village demonstrations:
    – Thales Alenia Space, Telespazio France and Eclexys: The
     demonstration showcases the added value of GALILEO and EGNOS in a multi constellation receiver in urban environments.
    – ISBM: The demonstration showcases the spoofing attack detection exploiting GALILEO signal authentication.

  • EGNSS demonstrations:
    – NSL: The DETECTOR demonstration will cover the deployment of a series of GNSS interference and jammer detection systems within the road transport network.
    – Navocap: ANGEO door-to-door multimodal navigation service through a typical multimodal trip (pedestrian, mass transit, light indoor).
    – Voxelia: Use case of Simulate dedicated to geopositionning system evaluation (EGNOS, GALILEO,…).

  • 25 actors (20 SMEs and 5 Local Authorities) which will present their solutions based on GALILEO and EGNOS for tomorrow on the European GNSS Village in the ITS World Congress 2015 (stand D.38)

Training Sessions 2015


ITS demonstration test week, Bordeaux (France) – 8th of July

ITS World Congress, Bordeaux (France) – 8th of October

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ITS World Congress 2016

SMEs showcase

ITS World Congress 2016 in Melbourne is a key opportunity to promote EGNSS-based applications to international ITS stakeholders, especially in the Asia Pacific Region. The winner of the JUPITER competition organised in the context of ITS World Congress 2015 will be invited to the ITS World Congress 2016 in Melbourne to showcase their EGNSS-based ITS application.

Training Sessions 2016


Toulouse Space Show 2016, Toulouse (France)

ITS European Congress 2016, Glasgow (UK)

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Towards Autonomous Driving on road: the E-GNSS contribution
From basic concepts to “local integrity”

Date: February 23rd
Time: 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM CET

The webinar is open to all the interested audience and it is free of charge.  ISMB researchers will present the GNSS systems, the status of the European GNSS and the fundamental role of the “local integrity” concept for the successful deployment of the autonomous driving.


0 Autonomous Driving
0.1 The Global Navigation Satellite Systems role

1 GNSS Principles
1.1 Introduction to satellite navigation systems:
• How position is computed
1.2 Basics on GNSS Receivers:
• Signal receptions impairments
• Receiver chain and operations
• Receivers categorization
– Specifications
– Performance

2 European GNSS
2.1 EGNOS (European augmentation) & EDAS: added value in ITS
• Augmentation Purposes
• EGNOS services
• EDAS (EGNOS Data Access Service)
2.2 Galileo and Authentication:
• Galileo advantages
• Galileo services
• Authentication: threats mitigation and target applications

3 Integrity
3.1 The integrity concept
3.2 The “local integrity”: a novel cooperative integrity monitoring concept, suitable to automotive applications in urban scenarios.
– Spatial/temporal characterization of possible degradations
– Experimental validation
– Live demonstration

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